Chaos Zone Character Studies

This is a somewhat unique part of the website, mainly because of who’s writing it: Indeed, this page is written by someone else, who – for anonymity’s sake – refers to themselves as “Brash Buster”. That includes this opening paragraph where I’m referring to myself in the third person. I’m Brash.

But to really begin, an explanation of why this page exists: I like writing stories. And often, I’ll accumulate various details of stories I already know to make such stories, resulting in strange crossovers with media that…truthfully, mostly coexist in that moment just because I like them.

I am a participant in a “roleplay” – effectively a group of people working together to tell one big story made of several smaller stories – known as The Chaos Zone. While the “roleplay” is hosted on a website dedicated to a Mega Man fanmade game, the scope of the “roleplay” has always been bigger.

With how huge these “roleplays” are (we’ve had to continue our collective story to a new thread at least twice because the page count was just that taxing on the site itself), it’s almost impossible for me to just point to the page something relevant begins to happen and tell someone to read from there. And even if I cut it down to just my own stuff, it’s still quite complicated, in part because I pull from so much different media. So I’ve put together this page as an effort to help that.

Here you’ll find many of the characters I’ve re-invented or created myself, with details about who they are, where they come from, what they look like, and even what I think they’d sound like.

I would like to thank Brandon Woosley for giving me this page as a way to easily explain my stories like this. I would also like to give thanks to Adrian Marceau – the creator of the website the roleplay is hosted on – and to those I’ve collaborated with in Chaos Zone, as without the site or those peers I wouldn’t have a place where I felt so comfortable letting my imagination run free. If you want, you can take a glance at The Chaos Zone here, here, and here.

(Characters marked with an * are newer to The Chaos Zone, to the point where they may have less developed bios because they’ve had less time to establish themselves; such characters will be updated as things happen, and will hopefully have the * removed eventually)

General Notes

Because of the website these stories are written on, I have dozens of characters who are robots. This is because the Mega Man series of video games the website’s focus fangame is based on features a giant cast of robots who act mostly (if not entirely) like humans. As such, I tend to write them enough like humans that I basically forgo the typical conflicts of fictional robots; even if they look odd on the outside, they’re like you and I on the inside.

Many characters are also unique in that they’re youkai (also spelled “yōkai”), supernatural entities from Japanese mythology who are common elements of the Touhou Project, one of my most common sources of inspiration besides Mega Man. While many can be narrowed down to particular mythological beings, some have no known information of their “species” besides simply being youkai. While youkai have certain less human traits in the greater scope of Touhou, it’s usually not touched upon, and thus I tend to write them more like humans who just have particular powers (most of them look human anyway).

As a final note: each section prioritizes the character as they appear in Chaos Zone, as access to information exclusive to their official appearances can likely be found elsewhere.

Dyna Man

Origin: Mega Man (video game, DOS, 1990)

One of the three “DOSBots”, a series of robots built by the same creator who see each other as brothers.

Dyna Man’s attitude could be compared to the “Id” of psychoanalytic theory; he tends to follow his instincts, and his instincts are mostly being rough, being tough, and blowing up stuff. If people close to him – especially his brothers, Volt Man or Sonic Man – are in danger, he’ll want to help them out ASAP, and heaven help you if you’re the one putting that person in danger.

That said, Dyna Man has a loose understanding of responsibility and control. He owes this not only to times when his recklessness actually got his brothers in more trouble, but also to his awareness that I tend to treat him as a “main” character in a sense, and like to use him in several contexts outside just The Chaos Zone.

In combat, Dyna Man specializes in explosive weaponry. He can fling his dynamite-shaped Nuclear Detonators (disclaimer: not actually a nuclear weapon) do deal heavy damage, combine his explosive power with magic to deal even heavier damage in the form of the warhead-shaped Fantastic Blast, and even use sheer willpower to summon an explosion wherever he can see with a Psychoblast (which, of course, deals heavy damage).

He’s also good at attacking with brute strength. He can fly forward with a flurry of punches using his Heavy Barrage, slam to the ground with a somersault-butt slam combo called the Ground Pound, and spin at super-speed with the Lark’s Lariat. He can even combine this with his explosive powers to land physical attacks that explode on contact, his personal favorite forms of such being the Dyna Dropkick (a jumping, two-foot dropkick) and the Dyna Bash (a dash forward with his elbow and shoulder in front of him).

General Voice Description

Adult; slightly gruff, mostly when speaking louder; boisterous

Example Voice 1

Source: Puyo Puyo Tetris (video game, 2014)
Original Context: An alternate set of gameplay voice lines for the character “Ex”.

“Watch this!”
“Feel the rush!”
“Looks like it’s my turn!”
“(pained grunt)”
“I hate losing…!”

Example Voice 2

Source: Soulcalibur V (video game, 2012)
Original Context: The voice of the character “Z.W.E.I.”

“Come at me, with every bit of strength you’ve got!”
“Ready for pain?!”
“(pained grunt)”
“(pained yell)”
Dyna Man as he originally appeared in Mega Man (DOS).
Dyna Man as he appears in The Chaos Zone.

Volt Man

Origin: Mega Man (video game, DOS, 1990)

One of the three “DOSBots”, a series of robots built by the same creator who see each other as brothers.

Volt Man’s attitude could be loosely compared to the “Superego” of psychoanalytic theory; while more passively cheerful in casual places, he can get ramped up easily in a frantic moment, while also trying to think about what’s best for everyone when he has time to breathe.

In combat, Volt Man’s main skill is using electricity. He can slash at close range with a Beam Sword, teleport in style with a Beam Warp, or protect himself with his signature Force Field (which also empowers his Volt Blast).

Volt Man can also turn his electric powers electromagnetic to gather and weaponize scrap metal. When it comes to scrap metal, Volt focuses a bit more on rapid attacking, doing things like surrounding himself in a Metal Flurry or targeting an opponent with a 21-hit Metal Melder.

General Voice Description

Adult/Young Adult; usually cheerful, but hides little to no emotion no matter what emotion it is

Example Voice

Source: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (video game, 2016)
Original Context: One of the 40 voices that can be chosen for the main character. This voice is option 11.

“Good luck!”
“Here we go!”
“You’re going down!”
“Aw, dang…”
“(pained grunt)”
“(scared yelp)”
“How could you?!”
(weakly) “No way…”
Volt Man as he originally appeared in Mega Man (DOS).
Volt Man as he appears in The Chaos Zone.

Sonic Man

Origin: Mega Man (video game, DOS, 1990)

One of the three “DOSBots”, a series of robots built by the same creator who see each other as brothers.

Sonic Man’s personality could be compared to the “Ego” of psychoanalytic theory; even during frantic conflict, he spends plenty of time thinking out the most logical solution to a problem. It’s rare for him to put his emotions first, but when he does, it’s usually for the sake of his brothers Dyna Man and Volt Man.

While Sonic Man’s body is perfect for aquatic travel, his true area of expertise is weaponized sound. Always making sure to keep his distance, he can fire a Sonic Wave projectile that can bounce off surfaces, drop Sonic Mines that release bursts of noise when an opponent comes near, and shield himself with a Sound Bubble that deflects any non-sound attacks as a shockwave of noise. If he’s forced up-close, he can use his main source of channeling his powers – his Tuning Trident – as a sharp melee weapon.

General Voice Description

Adult; stoic and calm; often deadpan

(No example voice at the moment)

Sonic Man as he originally appeared in Mega Man (DOS).
Mugshot of Sonic Man as he appears in The Chaos Zone.

Dark Elf

Origin: Puyo Puyo (video game, 1992)

Additional Context: This version of the character is based on an official English translation of the game with a different script and renamed characters. While it is currently unknown if the translation was first released alongside the original Japanese version of the game, it has at least been officially released via the “SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo” re-release from 2019.

After her first outing as a low-ranking minion of a dark prince, Dark Elf’s world lingered in stagnancy for several decades. When she learned of the world of The Chaos Zone, she saw it as an opportunity to finally show her worth through evil. Her attempts at doing so were largely unsuccessful, to the point where she was nearly killed in a desperate last-ditch effort to do something.

However, thanks to an otherworldly and immensely forgiving force of power, Dark Elf was not only saved from her recklessness, but given a chance to reflect on what else she could do in this new world. While she was able to help in a hectic battle against an evil force, she was aware when the dust settled, not everyone would be as forgiving to her as the one who saved her. Because of this, she chose to live an isolated life, not troubling those she wronged, but willing to apologize if they were to seek her out.

Surprisingly, despite her attempted actions, others grew to forgive Dark Elf as well, and she gradually began to socialize more.

Dark Elf is a rather quiet person, often enjoying spending her time reading. While she can use heavy amounts of power at will, she doesn’t let it get to her head, and in fact acts rather humble among others.

In combat, Dark Elf’s voice is her weapon. She can steal life energy with a Dark Song, burn opponents with a Searing Symphony, and push away oncoming threats with an Off-Tune. She’s also capable of manipulating translucent blob entities known as “Garbage Puyo”, her favorite manner of doing so being with the tall and wide Slammer Wall.

General Voice Description

Adult/Young Adult; normally calm; raises her voice significantly if stressed enough

Example Voice

Source: Super Dialogue Audio Pack (asset pack, 2017)
Original Context: A set of audio files intended for use in video games. The voice clips chosen as examples for this character are specifically credited to Karen Cenon.

“On it.”
“So long.”
“Not happening.”
“(soft laughter)”
“(pained grunt)”
“(pained shriek)”
Dark Elf as she appears in Puyo Puyo (1992).


Origin: Rockman X Mega Mission (collectible card series, 1995)

NOTE: While not a character in its own right (and also not something I was the first to introduce to The Chaos Zone), Limited is nonetheless a recurring element of my stories, and thus something I felt would be appropriate to explain.

Created by Dr. Doppler while under the control of Sigma, Limited is a part-organic, part-mechanical parasite with a slimy viscosity. It has the ability to revive and take over the bodies of dead robots, even giving them new powers while being their host. While it can also empower living robots, it’s much more difficult for it to take over their minds in the same way.

Even without a host, Limited is able to evolve on its own, even becoming an entity of its own using remnants of data leftover from various machines it has interacted with. On top of naturally growing more powerful bodies, Limited-born characters can regenerate lost body parts on the fly, and even return to a simpler blob-like form for various needs. Limited is highly unstable, though, and exposure to sufficiently powerful energy can mutate a Limited-born character against their will, even turning them into someone entirely different.

A parasite meant to mimic Limited’s power also exists, known as Extreme. There are few – if any – noticeable differences between the two; they have the same powers, but also the same weaknesses.

While only used for evil in source material, several non-malicious characters with bodies of Limited or Extreme exist within The Chaos Zone. Such characters are given a device that reigns in Limited’s powers to controllable levels, allowing growth but preventing unwanted volatile reactions.

The “core” of Limited as portrayed in Rockman X Mega Mission.
Flame Stag, a boss from Mega Man X2 (video game, 1994)
Flame Stag’s death, as portrayed in Rockman X2 (comic book series, 1995)
Flame Stag’s body revived by Limited in Rockman X Mega Mission. In this form, he is known as Flame Stag L.


Origin: Touhou Fuumaroku ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland (video game, 1997)

A skilled human engineer. While she’d probably be much more respected elsewhere, she struggles from living in a land where technology has been monopolized by races who aren’t human. This has led to her largely working underground, or with those who are more open to her set of skills.

Rika’s spot in life has given her a strong sense of needing to prove herself, which she tends to express through arrogance, snarkiness, or a short temper. While she’s better than it seems at keeping such under control, what she does continue to struggle with is her workaholic lifestyle giving her a horrible sleep schedule; some people pull all-nighters, but she pulls all-weekers.

In combat, Rika mostly relies on her machines and other creations. Her two signature weapons are the Flower-Tank and the Evil Eye Σ, both able to attack with flurries of energy bullets and continuous lasers. She’s also able to quickly build things like stationary cannons or even ghost-like creatures, and can even use special Electric magic to augment her tech or take a more hands-on approach.

General Voice Description

Preteen/Teenager; cocky and slightly arrogant, but can speak in a friendlier tone too

Example Voice

Source: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (video game, 2016)
Original Context: One of the 40 voices that can be chosen for the main character. This voice is option 22.

“I’ll back you up!”
“Leave it to me.”
“Where are you looking?”
“Bring it on!”
“You little…!”
“(pained grunt)”
“(pained yell)”
Rika as she originally appeared in Story of Eastern Wonderland.
Mugshot of Rika as she appears in The Chaos Zone.
Full-body image of Rika as she appears in The Chaos Zone.
Rika’s Flower-Tank as it appears in Story of Eastern Wonderland.
Rika’s Evil Eye Σ as it appears in Story of Eastern Wonderland.

Kogasa Tatara

Origin: Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object (video game, 2009)

A karakasa-obake, an umbrella that became a youkai after 100 years. While it may seem like her being is tied more to either the umbrella or the girl, they’re both parts of the one mind of Kogasa.

Kogasa loves trying to surprise people. While this can sometimes show itself in mundane (and generally ineffective) forms such as peeking out from hiding and yelling “Boo”, it can be intricate enough to surprise people from beyond the fourth wall. Think she’s just gonna be a one-and-done because she was the boss of Stage 2? Surprise, she’s the mini-boss of the secret stage!

If her love of surprises didn’t tip you off, Kogasa is a playful gal. Even in a low-stakes fight, she’ll tend to slip in quips and jokes. At the same time, though, she’s not afraid to get serious. Sometimes she has to take matters into her own hands, and she’ll make sure things are handled right. This can go as far as controlling my biases against certain fictional characters by breaking the fourth wall.

It’s not much surprise that an umbrella wields plenty of combat skills involving other umbrellas, the rain they’re meant to protect people from, or even the wind that can blow them away. She can use a short-range Tornado Blow to launch opponents upwards, send an umbrella army to strike one-by one with Monster Train “Spare Umbrella Express Night Carnival”, call down umbrellas and rain with Umbrella Sign “Flurry Travelers”, make a raincloud of flames with a Rain Flare-surprise, that’s how Kogasa uses her special Fire magic!

General Voice Description

Teenager/Young Adult; typically bubbly, though she can be playfully sarcastic during minor arguments; speaks more straightforwardly in intense conflicts, and speaks more quietly and tiredly when sad

Example Voice

Source: Xenoblade Chronicles X (video game, 2015)
Original Context: One of 14 voices that can be chosen for a custom character. In-game, this voice is considered a “female” voice, and is described as “peppy”.

“Have fun, guys!”
“Check this out!”
“Lights out, pal!”
(nervous) “Don’t stare at me like that…!”
(panicked) “Whoah! Look out!”
“(pained gasp)”
(pained) “Whyyy?!
Kogasa as she appears in Touhou Gouyoku Ibun (video game, 2021).


Origin: Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story (video game, 1998)

A lesser-known youkai in her home land, Orange always strives to make a name for herself. If she thinks she sees an opportunity to boost her publicity, she won’t hesitate. While this doesn’t work as well as she’d want it to, it does mean she’s done a lot of exploring the world around her. An attempt at being a “senior” figure to someone even led to her finding an equal friend in Sese.

That said, Orange is (physically) rather young for a youkai, and sometimes her attempts at being deceptive or fearless become reckless.

Orange is never seen without her baton, and in combat, she makes the most out of it as a weapon. While on its own its main use is in Orange’s boomerang-like Spinning Baton technique, special Electric magic lets Orange take her skills even further, such as by striking herself with lighting to unleash a burst of electricity with her Lightning Conductor, or adding electric trails to the ends of her baton and lashing all around with a Blitz Whip.

General Voice Description

Child/Preteen; loud, energetic, and short-tempered

(No example voice at the moment)

Orange as she appears in The Chaos Zone.
Orange as she originally appeared in Lotus Land Story.

Sanae Kochiya

Origin: Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith (video game, 2007)

A wind priestess, and one of three deities of the Moriya Shrine.

Unlike her superiors Kanako and Suwako, Sanae was born a normal human in Japan. Because of this, she’s quire free-spirited, and almost treats her duties like a sport or game. She’s also the most outwardly social, even if her originally leaving Japan in 2007 makes her sound a bit out of touch.

Naturally, a wind priestess like Sanae has access to the power of wind, being able to push opponents away with a Wind Blast, hit from afar with a spiraling Wind Calling, and even disable her opponents’ long-ranged attacks with a Silent Hurricane.

Sanae also mixes some more mystical powers into her skill set, such as dropping down small stars with a Star Falling or unleashing a barrage of paper charms with Prayer “Charm of Good Commerce”. She even has the unique skill of a “Hero Priestess“, allowing her to use the techniques of a mysterious warrior prince, such as a jumping slice called the Dolphin Slash.

General Voice Description

Teenager; spunky and determined, but a little bit of a dork

(No example voice at the moment)

Sanae as she appears in Touhou Project: Who’s Who of Humans and Youkai – Everlasting Edition (artbook, 2020).


Origin: Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (video game, 2002)

Rumia is a young youkai with the ability to manipulate darkness. While this may sound like some sort of evil energy that a “dark lord” would wield, it quite literally means she can remove the illumination from an area, a power unable to cause harm in its own right.

While Rumia isn’t in a hurry to form new friendships, she’s very bubbly hanging around with those she’s already met. Her pep carries over into her fighting spirit as well, eager to rush in and help battle when she can, even if she isn’t the brightest of the bunch (uh, figuratively).

Throughout her journeys, Rumia has learned a bit of special Dark Magic (powerful, but not evil); she can summon a Sword of Arcana for a quick slice, create a burst of pseudo-solar energy with a False Dawn, and zap both foes and oncoming attacks with Black Thunder.

Rumia’s also retained a few slightly less dark attacks that still have good power; with Moon Sign “Moonlight Ray” she can trap an opponent between two continuous lasers, and Night Sign “Night Bird” lets her unleash orbs of energy just by flailing her arms.

General Voice Description

Child; cheery and energetic; almost never expresses anger or sadness

Example Voice

Sources: Bleach: The Blade of Fate (video game, 2006), Bleach: Dark Souls (video game, 2007)
Original Context: The voice of the character “Yachiru Kusajishi”.

“Let’s get started!”
“Here I come!”
“I did it!”
“(pained grunt)”
Rumia as she appears in Touhou Project: Who’s Who of Humans and Youkai – Dusk Edition (artbook, 2020).

Sese Kitsugai

Origin: Len’en Reiretsuden ~ Reactivate Majestical Imperial (video game, 2014)

A gashadokuro, a skeleton creature of Japanese folklore. While gashadokuro are traditionally made from multiple skeletons, Sese’s only skeleton is their own, and even that they’re still trying to find the remaining bones of. Sese’s power increases with how many bones they collect, but with how much success they have at that…yeah, it’s going to be a while until they’re at full power.

Sese’s quite cheerful and childish, even alternating on the fly between referring to themselves in the first person (“I found a bone”) and the third person (“Sese found a bone”). They also have a close friendship with Orange after meeting her and being given her help in finding some of their incomplete skeleton.

Sese’s arsenal in combat is filled with improvised skeletal weaponry; they can shoot a flurry of sharp homing bones with a Marrow Shot, clamp their opponent in a giant ribcage with a “Blotchy Rib Roast”, and jest them with most excellent fancy by flinging a skull in a technique known as the Yorick Fastball. They can even turn some of these bones into an arm cannon called the Marrow Cannon, able to shoot anything from small energy shots to massive lasers.

When things get bad to the bone, Sese can use a unique ability to gain the upper hand; through temporarily absorbing lingering spirits, they can boost their power tremendously and shift into their “EX Form“, a big-boned behemoth who can blast baddies to bits.

General Voice Description

Child; doesn’t sound particularly “masculine” or “feminine”; they sound like they could see themselves as whoever they want

(No example voice at the moment)

Sese as they appear in Reactivate Majestical Imperial.
Sese in their “EX Form”, as seen in Reactivate Majestical Imperial.

Li’l Miss Marshmallow

Origin: Mother 3 (video game, 2006)

A robot maid who’s slightly more “mechanical” in nature than most robots in the setting. First seen after being used as a throwaway guinea pig for new Limited experiments, her still-living body was eventually rid of the Limited infecting it, though not without leaving behind two by-products who had shaped themselves based on her skills and mannerisms.

Speaking of which, Li’l Miss Marshmallow can seem rather polite and collected when calm, fitting her name. Trick is, she’s very quick to anger, even a small provocation being enough to send her into a rambling fit.

In combat, Li’l Miss Marshmallow is deceptively dangerous even with the most mundane actions. Her Angry Slap can send irritants flying across the room, and her Hot Tea is heated enough to cause third-degree burns.

If pushed even more over the edge, Li’l Miss Marshmallow can – and will – activate her Ultra Ticked Off System, revealing a powerful drill and giant pair of scissors. Whoever the troublemaker, both of her sharp weapons have their name on it.

General Voice Description

Young Adult; when calm, she almost sounds like she’s faking her emotions; when angry or excited, she talks very loudly and frantically; voice is heavily filtered to sound “robotic”, but her intonation is still clear

(No example voice at the moment)

Li’l Miss Marshmallow as she appears in Mother 3.
Li’l Miss Marshmallow with her Ultra Ticked Off System active, as seen in Mother 3.

Dual Alice Margatroid

Origin: Touhou Kaikidan ~ Mystic Square (video game, 1998)

Other Relevant Media: Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom (video game, 2003)

A magician born as a human, who became a youkai using magic that cast away simple human nutrition needs. While initially living a rather secluded life, she one day felt a spark remind her of a different past; one where she was born a youkai (and a rather rowdy one at that), and lived in the otherworldly Makai.

While these conflicting memories (which are where the “Dual” aspect of her name came from) left her puzzled, eventually the truth was revealed to her: while at one point she did have said past in Makai, the flow of time changed to give her her human-born past, with her remembering her Makai past because of an outside influence manipulating the flow of time.

Dual Alice has made the most out of the “second past” in her memory, inspired to live with her favorite things about both lives. While she does still enjoy spending time creating dolls in her own home, she’s become more social and adventurous, and is more willing to use some of the great magic contained within her grimoire. She also speaks in a more eccentric way, sprinkling phrases into her speech that wouldn’t sound out of place in a riddle, or even a wonderful poem.

In combat, Dual Alice focuses most on her grimoire’s powers, giving her own colorful flair to them. From her palette she can cast a Blue Caucus that summons spheres flying with different paths and speeds, a “Violet Vorpal” that sends lances spiraling around her, and a “Red Queen” that raises strong waves of light from the ground. She can use her dolls in combat as well through magic puppeteering, such as her Doll Arrangement, which summons four dolls that thrust spears downward in front of her.

General Voice Description

Teenager/Young Adult; slightly lively, but can get very passionate when excited

Example Voice

Source: Soulcalibur VI (video game, 2018)
Original Context: One of several voices that can be chosen for a custom character. In-game, this voice is labeled “Serious Type”.

“Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”
“A splendid show of skill.”
“Brace yourself!”
“My specialty!”
“(pained yelp)”
(pained) “No!!!
Alice as she appears in Mystic Square.
Alice as she appears in Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (video game, 2008); this design is based on her appearances in the series starting with Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Dual Alice as she appears in The Chaos Zone.


Origin: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (video game, 1996)

A robot formerly affiliated with the “Smithy Gang”, a team of machines who wanted to rule the world with weapons. Mack represented swords, which is reflected in his rather unusual body: While the caped “imp” is the most visibly expressive feature, the bladed “pogo stick” is just as much a part of him, even if between the two there’s only one mind.

When the Smithy Gang’s plans fell through, Mack cut ties with them, and laid low for a couple of decades. Even when he came back out of hiding, he wasn’t much more than a trouble-making runaway, fighting for little reason other than…well, just because.

After being kicked around too much in his hasty scuffles, he reached out to someone for training. While he learned quite a bit about anticipating what an opponent will do next and tricking them into doing something that leaves them open, at the end of it all he finally realized how clueless he was as to why he was fighting. He was then offered a chance at a vigilantist adventure, which he accepted in hopes of figuring himself out (and having some fun while he was at it).

Such a personal goal sounds like a hero’s beginning, but Mack doesn’t fit such a bill at all. Even with what he’s learned about battle, he’s still sarcastic, hasty, and even a little selfish.

Mack has never given up on the skills he used back as a Smithy Gang member, such powers still being his personal signature. He can bounce in the air to slam on foes with sharp force, use Drain to toss a fireball that deals weak damage but can’t be blocked, and even summon a Flame Wall that sears all in front of him with sizzling pizzazz.

Ol’ Macheath did pick up a few tricks after quitting his first gig, though. He can call upon a Sword Rain to slice and dice an entire room, use Mega Drain to unleash a burning beam, and even mix his flaming magic with solar energy in a spinning ray of light called a Corona.

General Voice Description

Young Adult; energetic, cocky, and immature

Example Voice

Source: Soulcalibur V (video game, 2012)
Original Context: The voice of the character “Xiba”.

“I got this!”
“That was easy! Geez, I wasn’t even trying!”
“I’m angry now! (grunt)”
“(pained scream)”
Mack as he appears in Super Mario RPG.


Origin: The Chaos Zone (first appeared in 2021)

Other Relevant Media: Rockman X Mega Mission (collectible card series, 1995), Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith (video game, 2007), Mother 3 (video game, 2006)

A being born of Limited, having shaped herself loosely after her past hosts.

Her mind started off very unstable, but as time has passed, she’s gained a sense of self, and a sociable yet cautious personality.

Windaz inherits several kinds of powers from the likes of Sanae, Li’l Miss Marshmallow, and Sakaros, but has turned each of them into her own techniques. She can mix fire and lighting for a shield-piercing Cinder Shock, bring down a windy, electric storm using her Lightning Tempest, and even heal allies and herself with the calm wind of a Zephyr Testament.

General Voice Description

Teenager; usually rather quiet, but doesn’t speak slowly; speaks especially frantically when stressed

(No example voice at the moment)

Mugshot of Windaz as she appears in The Chaos Zone.
Full-body image of Windaz as she appears in The Chaos Zone.

YuugenMagan Visage*

Origin: The Chaos Zone (first appeared in 2022)

Other Relevant Media: Touhou Reiiden ~ The Highly Responsive to Prayers (video game, 1997)

An elusive humanoid with a wireframe-like appearance, YuugenMagan Visage comes from another world, where she used to be a “connector” to five eye creatures (she and said eyes collectively being known as YuugenMagan); through unknown means, she was disconnected from these eyes, leaving her by herself.

YuugenMagan Visage, or “Yuugen-V”, has a rather quiet demeanor. While she tends to doubt her own power, she won’t hesitate to give advice when she can. Her humble attitude doesn’t mean she’s keen on being outright disrespected, either.

Being the non-combatant part of the sum of YuugenMagan, Yuugen-V’s combat skills were minimal at first; she could briefly transform into a lightning bolt-like shape to dodge attacks, but her one attack, a small flurry of stars called Star Falling, could barely scratch anyone. Only through cooperating with others has she begun to learn useful skills, such as Zan, a magic spell that lets her summon a tall shockwave to deal damage and push opponents away.

General Voice Description

Young Adult/Adult; calm, often deadpan; does not yell, but speaks in a more stern tone when upset

The entirety of YuugenMagan as they appear in Highly Responsive to Prayers; the bottom-middle figure is what became YuugenMagan Visage.
Mugshot of YuugenMagan Visage as she appears in The Chaos Zone.


Origin: The Chaos Zone (first appeared in 2020)

Other Relevant Media: Rockman X Mega Mission (collectible card series, 1995), Mother 3 (video game, 2006)

One of two entities born from Limited first given to Li’l Miss Marshmallow, Sakaros’ was formed from the maid robot’s more hostile side, and she doesn’t hide it at all, not in her eight-limbed appearance or her high-strung attitude. The idea of “calming down” might as well be a myth for her, and she’ll make sure to make each limb busy either going on the attack or giving chase to those she opposes.

Worse yet, Sakaros’ mind is just clear enough that she can actually plan things. She’s managed to backstab supposed peers in a rebel-like alliance, and repurposed their studies for her own wants.

While Sakaros’ use of cleaning tools seems ridiculous, she’s a threat even if she has more opponents than she does limbs. Her Feather Smack hits hard while also smothering targets with dust, Blow Dry releases high-pressure wind at 900 °C, she can deflect and reflect attacks with a blinding Mirror Sheen, and if she gets out the hedge clippers for a Grass Chopper…well, it’s easy to figure out the rest, but not a pleasant thought.

General Voice Description

Young Adult; always speaks loudly, frantically, and violently; voice is filtered to sound “robotic”

Example Voice

Source: Alice: Madness Returns (video game, 2011)
Original Context: The voice of the character “The Red Queen”.
Additional Note: The samples have been heavily edited from the source material to sound more frantic and add the “robotic” sound described above.

“AH, IT’S ONLY A FLESH WOUND…! (glitched laughter)”
“(glitched, pained yell)”
Sakaros as she appears in The Chaos Zone.