Getting The Words Out

I had two great meetings yesterday.

In the first one, Christy and I got a firm date on when our son Zach is going to get to start testing new Augmentative Communication software.  Augmentative Communication is what they call a device or software which is used to help people with speech delays communicate their thoughts.  Kids with autism (like Zach) use these tools, but so do stroke victims, or brain injuries, or other speech delays.  Many of these people have a world of thoughts going on inside their heads that they cannot express because of some problem in the linkage between thought and speech.  Augmentative Communication helps them get the words out.  In three weeks, we will get to start to see if Augmentative Communication can help Zach share what he’s thinking and feeling – I can hardly wait!

The second meeting was our More To Life group at church.  Last night, we introduced the group to a video tool that has been created to help Christians start a conversation about Jesus with other people.  The 20-minute DVD has people telling their stories of how knowing Jesus has changed their lives, and it is designed so one person can give it to someone to watch, and then follow up with that person to see if it created an opportunity to tell My story of what Jesus has done to change my life.  When I first found this material, this DVD was the single part that excited me the most.  I’ve always found it difficult to figure out how to start the conversation about Jesus with someone.  If they started the conversation, well that’s not too hard; but when I’m starting the conversation, my brain locks up.  But now, I’ve got a non-threatening, well-constructed conversation starter.  And I realized this morning that the More To Life DVD is another type of Augmentative Communication tool: it helps me get the words out, so I can share what I’m thinking and feeling about the most important person in my life.

Long live Augmentative Communication!

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