Family life and Church life

I’m reading a book that is pressing my thinking about how the church relates to families. There is a lot there that I am digesting, but here are a few central questions that are being raised within me:
What would we do differently in the church if we believe that what happens at home is as important as what happens at church?

  • Does our children’s ministry reflect a partnership with parents, or something less than that?
  • If we don’t function like we are partners with parents, what would change if we did?
  • If the church has access to kids for about 40 hours a year, and parents have access to their kids for about 3,000 hours a year, shouldn’t some of our time be spent helping parents use their time for greater spiritual impact?
  • Who has the primary duty to teach children about following Jesus, the church or the family? Does our educational plan reflect that belief?

That’s enough for now. I would be eager to hear your thoughts on these questions!

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