My dear wife is now in love with Pinterest.  I am still trying to spell it without having to look it up.  But, there was a neat idea there that she ran across this week: take a jar, and every time something happens that seems memorable, write it down and put it in the jar.  Then, at the end of the year, pour out the jar and savor all the stories on those scraps of paper.  I love this idea because I suspect that many of the things that we think at the time will be memorable will, in fact, normally get lost over time.  Writing them like that will preserve them, and they will bring fresh joy when you take time to reclaim them at the end of the year.

Like this story from yesterday: Zach loves Baby Einstein things – he loves the music, he loves playing with the hand puppets, he loves to carry around as many board books as he can so he can sit and read them when he wants.  But sometimes, he gets his facts a little messed up. Last night we were all riding in the car, and suddenly, in his sing-songy voice, Zach says “Baby Einstein: Who loves in the pond”.  We vaguely recognized this from one of the videos, but were also fairly sure that they actually say “who lives in the pond.”  So, I said, “Hey Zach, it’s who lives in the pond.”  “Baby Einstein: Who loves in the pond,” came back the reply, which caused Josh to break out into giggles.  Josh then tried the correction next, but Zach was still insistent that it is “who loves in the pond.”  These attempts to get Zach to change his tune went on and on, and each time, Zach responded with a steady, peaceful “Baby Einstein: Who loves in the pond.”  Eventually we quit trying, mainly because everyone was laughing too hard to talk.

Zach: 1, Everyone else: 0.

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