Not Cool

At a recent late-night viewing of John Carter (which was not bad, if a little wordy and long in the middle), I experienced this bit of unconventional theater etiquette:

With only me and one couple sitting in the theater, another lone filmgoer entered and chose to sit one row behind me and one seat to my right.  In a room that probably seated 400, I thought this was unnecessary.  I ignored my seatmate for the first half of the movie, at which time I noticed that he had put his feet up on the seat back next to me.  Thinking to myself, “See, this is why you shouldn’t sit right by another person,” I looked over and observed that he had removed his shoes. Not being particularly friendly at that point, I simply looked most of the way back toward him and cleared my throat loudly.  At which point my friend shifted his weight and re-positioned his feet, on the next seat back over, away from me.

This, apparently, is what happens when you get comic-book graphic novel fanboys out of their mothers’ basements to see things on the big screen.

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