Great Moments in Being a Nine-Year Old Boy

I just came in the house and discovered Zach doing something wonderfully, hilariously neuro-typical*: While exploring in the yard, he evidently found what appears to be a beetle.  He brought it into the house, and when I found him, he was carefully observing it walking around on our Dining Room table.  He’s still absorbed by this beetle, even as I type this.  He’s giving the beetle a lot of freedom, but when the bug gets up against a barrier it can’t pass (like our placemats) he picks it up and relocates it.

He hasn’t said a word the entire 10 minutes or so I’ve been watching him do this, except 30 seconds ago, when he said, “Bug.”  However, here’s the slightly less neuro-typical part, and what makes life around here fun: while he watches the bug wander around the table, Zach is periodically providing background music by humming “The Flight of the Bumblebee”, which was used during a sequence on bugs in one of the Baby Einstein videos that Zach loves so much.

Just another day with a boy, a bug, and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.  Spring is a beautiful time.

*For those who don’t know it, Zach is not neuro-typical; he has autism. 

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