Preaching about Singing, Singing about Suffering

Yesterday’s sermon came out of Jeremiah 31:31-34. It’s a passage of hope and beauty about the New Covenant. It’s also a text that’s pointing the reader forward. The original recipients, exiled Judah, were being pointed to a promise that even though they were going back into a wilderness, there was going to be something of … More Preaching about Singing, Singing about Suffering

The Beautiful Wound

I’ve been reminded repeatedly this week that we were made for community.  However, the kind of community we need most in our current circumstance (that is, living imperfect lives in an imperfect world) is the kind of community most of us are least likely to seek out or embrace when it is offered to us. … More The Beautiful Wound

Hope Touches Us

I think the most difficult aspect of living with a chronic condition is maintaining hope.  As a pastor, I have been a fellow traveler with many people through illnesses and conditions that had no prospect for improvement, and watched them confront that reality.  As a father of two sons on the autism spectrum I have … More Hope Touches Us

Without a Doubt

Just a quick moment of celebration. As we (St. Paul Church) are preparing to launch a new ministry that we believe will be a huge blessing to kids in our community, we have seen hurdles pop up several times.  And, time after time, God has lifted us over those hurdles: first, we had unexpected expenses, … More Without a Doubt