Learning Community

In community, we are learning interdependence, allowing independence to reveal the beauty of each individual and allowing dependence which does not produce shame or despair in the dependent, or a sense of superiority in the one depended upon.

A Joyous Retreat

Just about to go to the closing ceremonies for our first week of Joni and Friends Family Retreat.  It was a beautiful week.  Praise.  Laughter.  Joy.  The Church being the Church.  I look forward to this all year.  Being with these great families lifts my spirits, and reminds me how awesome God is.  

Play a New Game

Since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed playing the “Celebrity Look-Alike” game, and the stranger or more obscure the better. You know the drill: “You know who that guy looks like? Michael Stipe with a curly wig!” In the last two weeks, I’ve found myself noticing not would-be celebrities, though, but people who look like … More Play a New Game