The Wonder of Weather

For the last week, the Chicago area has had an unbelieveable streak of warm weather.  How unprecedented it truly is has been hitting me slowly over the last few days, as I have heard facts like:

  • 7 of 8 days in this stretch have set records for high temperature; if the 8th day had set the record, too, that would have been the longest stretch of consecutive days with a record high temperature in Chicago.
  • Today, Chicago was warmer than Havana, Cuba and Cabo san Lucas, Mexico and Cancun.
  • The low temperatures during the last week have been 10-15 degrees higher than the average high temperature for these dates.

As these bizarre days of warmth have piled up, I have realized that I can’t take the weather for granted.  I can’t fall back on any of the tired cliches about what March weather in Chicago is like.  Every one of those cliches is a statement of boredom at the variety of weather, and God’s provision within it.  Well, for me, I think that’s the case.  You might be different.  But a week of totally un-likely, unbelievable weather has caused me to actually pay attention to the mundane again.  Praise God.

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