Finding Zuzu

My son Zach has 32 Zhu Zhu Pets.  For the uninitiated, Zhu Zhu Pets are animatronic hamsters which, when activated, make a variety of noises (coos and purrs, as well as words and nonsense noises) and explore their environment; one can buy a host of accessories, as one would for a real hamster, but they … More Finding Zuzu

Great Moments in Being a Nine-Year Old Boy

I just came in the house and discovered Zach doing something wonderfully, hilariously neuro-typical*: While exploring in the yard, he evidently found what appears to be a beetle.  He brought it into the house, and when I found him, he was carefully observing it walking around on our Dining Room table.  He’s still absorbed by … More Great Moments in Being a Nine-Year Old Boy

Lawgiver, or Friend?

Lest this seem to come out of nowhere, I want to flesh our an idea that we talked about in worship this morning, as we continued our journey through the New Testament letter 1 John: Have you ever thought about how you mentally frame God’s commandments?  The language of “command” automatically starts our minds down … More Lawgiver, or Friend?