The Little Things

It’s 12:40 on Thursday morning, and I’m sitting in ER room 13. It’s as dark in here as I’ve ever seen an ER room, and that’s good, because my son Zach doesn’t like any light when he’s sleeping. To avoid embarrassing any of the principals in this story, I’m not telling you why he’s here. … More The Little Things

Finding Zuzu

My son Zach has 32 Zhu Zhu Pets.  For the uninitiated, Zhu Zhu Pets are animatronic hamsters which, when activated, make a variety of noises (coos and purrs, as well as words and nonsense noises) and explore their environment; one can buy a host of accessories, as one would for a real hamster, but they … More Finding Zuzu

Great Moments in Being a Nine-Year Old Boy

I just came in the house and discovered Zach doing something wonderfully, hilariously neuro-typical*: While exploring in the yard, he evidently found what appears to be a beetle.  He brought it into the house, and when I found him, he was carefully observing it walking around on our Dining Room table.  He’s still absorbed by … More Great Moments in Being a Nine-Year Old Boy